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Monday, 21 April 2014

Stuff You - I'm Alright Jack!! Farage the Leech.

It is interesting to note that Bruno Waterfield has written now about a story he was tipped off about 6 years ago.... Better late than never, we guess.

"MEPs including Nigel Farage and senior Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats benefit from a secretive, heavily subsidised EU second pension scheme that will cost the taxpayer an extra €227.7 million (£187 million), it can be revealed.

Thirty-eight of Britain’s 73 serving MEPs are members of the European Parliament’s “Additional Voluntary Pension Scheme” meaning they could receive over £41,000 a year extra above and beyond their main EU pension.
The “actuarial deficit” of the scheme – the black hole that the taxpayer is liable for – rocketed by €72.1 million (£60 million) in 2012 and is now £187 million in the red, The Telegraph has learned.
Mr Farage is one of the MEPs known to be in the scheme, which keeps the identities of its members a closely guarded secret despite the fact that 66 per cent of its assets come from public funds.
He defended his participation in the scheme that could give him a combined pension pot worth an estimated £71,000 a year by 2019, if he remains as a British MEP after elections to the parliament on May 22.

“It is not a system that I defend but it is the system,” he told The Telegraph. “The payments should be reduced. The circumstances have changed and the payments should be cut but I don’t think they will be.”

Syed Kamall, the leader of Conservative MEPs and Glenis Willmott, who leads the European Parliamentary Labour Party, are among the scheme’s members, as well as Sir Graham Watson, the president of the EU-wide Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.

Their names are only known following the publication of leaked documents by Hans-Martin Tillack, a German investigative journalist and the Open Europe think tank.

“This scheme is one of the oddest and most objectionable creations to come out of the EU. Many MEPs who should know better have unfortunately been part of it,” said Mats Persson, the director of Open Europe. “The scheme should be closed immediately.”

British taxpayers have already contributed over £100 million to the fund. European Union court papers show that the fund will be entirely bust by 2026 at the latest, despite being closed to new entrants in 2009, with the public purse left with an additional bill of £187 million.

During the 15 years that the second fund was open for business, a participating MEP’s monthly contribution was £982 a month. This was topped up by £1,965 of public money per month."

Thursday, 17 April 2014

What happened to the £287,000 donated to Farage’s local branch?

The Times today reported that almost £300,000 in Ukip party donations were paid in to Nigel Farage’s local branch and withdrawn as unspecified “other costs”, raising further questions over the party’s funding.

Ukip insiders have repeatedly raised concerns over £287,734 spent by the party’s southeast branch in 2004 and 2005. The money was not used for campaigning, communications, property rental, utilities or auditing and was described only as “other” running costs, according to accounts filed with the Electoral Commission.

It gets worse Nigel, doesn't it?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Is Farage A Submissive?

Farage's mistress in sex lie scandal over Tory MP.

Well, the question we must ask here is about Farage's sexuality. He has been described by women as a 'submissive'. So we must wonder, does he like the idea of his alleged mistress having relationships with other men? Hmmmmmm..........

"A Conservative MP who claims that he was falsely accused of sexually assaulting Nigel Farage’s ‘former mistress’ has spoken for the first time about how the incident cost him his marriage and family.
Andrew Bridgen said that Annabelle Fuller, a Ukip spokeswoman, had ‘ruined his life’ after claiming she was groped on the balcony of his Westminster flat in June 2011.
Police were told by an informant last month that Miss Fuller, 32, had concocted the claim after stealing his phone and later confessed she had ‘stitched him up’."

Interesting that Fuller's pen-name on a certain well known political blog was 'Bellatrix'. Hmmmmmm...........................

Farage F**ked!

We decided, in a moment of ironic humour, to depict the lady concerned laying on her side.

Nigel Farage's 'Bill Clinton moment' is just around the corner. A lifetime's ambition, all in the hands of a spurned woman, Annabelle Fuller!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

More Inane Comments From Sean Howlett

Howlett trying to look cool at the school disco

We have discussed previously some of Sean Howlett's unwise remarks, usually issued when he is plastered, which we understand is most of the time.

Now he has really given us a glimpse into his personality, and it is not nice.

Howlett's name was believed in the frame over allegations of sexual assault at UKIP's Annual Conference in 2012. It was certainly one of the names given to Junius by a journalist last summer. There was, unsurprisingly, a lot of drink involved.

Howlett also embarrassed the party after getting - yes, you guessed it - drunk on a river cruise. He was stupid enough to invite a female undercover reporter on the trip, where he attempted to show off, bad-mouthing Essex and its residents.

Howlett is clearly a neuseating individual, and and we expect him to hand us plenty more ammunition in the coming months.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

UKIP Fail To Turn Up For Work - Again!

Members of the European Parliament environment committee have been voting on plans to charge US, Indian and Chinese airlines a levy for every flight to or from the EU.

Up until now they've had an exemption from the Emissions Trading Scheme.

But they knew retaliation was threatened. The US Congress has already passed a resolution condemning the scheme.

The Chinese are likely to respond most harshly to the levy. Already they have frozen orders for 27 Airbus A330 aircraft, and an order for 150 more was due to be confirmed at the end of the month.

Four-thousand jobs rely directly on Airbus manufacture at Filton, and thousands more in sub-contractors across the south of England. These are high value engineering jobs, which rely on a healthy forward order book from around the world.

When it came to a decision, many on the committee argued to end the exemption, to ensure a level playing field on environmental measures.

But British Conservatives opposed the measure and had thought they had the edge.

Then they realised UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall was not present, and that one vote decided it.

South West Tory MEP Julie Girling furiously tweeted "UKIP empty chair at votes on aviation ETS. Lost by 1. Hundreds of thousands of jobs now at risk #useless UKIP" and posted this picture of the place at the committee table where Paul Nuttall should have been.

She later added "They talk a lot about defending British jobs and sticking up for the South West, but when it came down to it they couldn't be bothered to turn up and vote."

A UKIP spokesman later denied that was the case, saying Paul Nuttall would have voted but was mis-informed by EU officials.

"Paul Nuttall, the MEP for this committee, was not informed by the member of staff monitoring this committee, else he would have attended and voted against these punitive charges."

The party said that South East and South West members were not able to replace him.

"Both Nigel Farage and the Earl of Dartmouth are not members of this committee and so were not in possession of the timetable of votes. However had they been aware of the importance of this vote they would have attended as substitute members if Mr Nuttall had not been available.

"We will make sure we vote against this measure when it comes to plenary, unlike the Lib Dems and Labour."

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Farage & Fuller: Mike Nattrass Confirms The Relationship

Mike Nattrass has confirmed, in the Sunday Mirror, recent allegations concerning Farage and Annabelle Fuller.

Mr Nattrass’ revelations about life inside UKIP come days after Farage found himself at the centre of explosive allegations about his private life.

Former UKIP MEP Nikki Sinclaire stood up in the European Parliament on Wednesday to ask why he was paying a salary to former “mistress” Annabelle Fuller, a party aide.

Father of four Farage has denied she is his mistress but Mr Nattrass, deputy leader from 2002 to 2006, claimed the pair have been close for ten years.

He said the friendship between Farage – married to Kirsten Mehr since 1999 – and Miss Fuller was “an open secret” in the party, which is on course to top the poll in May’s Euro elections, pushing the Tories into third place.

Mr Nattrass said: “In 2004 she was my assistant – she was landed on me. I didn’t know why at the time. “She became my assistant in Brussels and Strasbourg and, frankly, she was of no use to me and I couldn’t understand why I’d got her. I complained I didn’t want her and eventually she was transferred away.”

The former chartered surveyor, 68, added: “She used to go strutting about saying, ‘I will be the next Mrs Farage’.

“Nigel has got a reputation for women anyway. She was caught sitting on his knee a number of times in the office.”

Another insider told the Mirror how Farage and second wife Kirsten were in a hotel room at a party conference when Miss Fuller knocked. Mrs Farage told the young aide “where to get off”, it was alleged.

The source said: “Kirsten wasn’t supposed to be there and Annabelle comes knocking. Kirsten opens the door and pretty much chases Annabelle away.”

Mrs Farage was asked last September about her husband’s alleged affair with Miss Fuller. She replied: “I don’t think so – ask him that.”

Farage’s friend and former UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom, who shared a Brussels flat with him for several years, has admitted his pal was “partial to crumpet".